User Journey Tracking via Google Analytics

Google’s web analytics service platform, Google Analytics (GA) introduced an upgrade for their App + Web property feature on 19 Dec 2019. As a result of this upgrade, digital businesses and Google Analytics (GA) admin can analyze multiple websites, receive custom analyses, and get faster insights from their data.

There are numerous benefits from this new property. There are 3 that we would like to share:

  • Greater Actionable Insights with Google’s Machine Learning
    It seems the usage of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is everywhere! It is therefore not surprising that AI has found its way into Google Analytics. Finally, the App + Web properties are highly focused on using machine learning to make the user experience seamless. For example, App + Web properties offer automated and custom insights that help reduce the analysis workload for marketers and analysts.
  • Unified App and Web Analytics
    You can get a more unified picture of engagement across your website and mobile application users. For example, now you can answer questions such as: Which marketing channel is responsible for acquiring the newest users across your different platforms? How many conversions have occurred on your website and mobile application in the last month and which platform is driving the highest number of conversions?
  • Flexible Event Model
    Understanding how people engage with your website and mobile application means that you need to measure a diverse range of user interactions such as page views, clicks, mobile application open rates, unique active monthly users and more. The new property type utilizes a more flexible event-based model for collecting the unique interactions that users have with your content, allowing you to measure any custom event that you set up.

This event-based model also allows you to automate the manual work of tagging some of the events on your site with no additional coding required. For example, automatically measure page views, downloads, video views and more with the flip of a toggle in the admin settings for your property.

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