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Facebook Brand Safety Tools
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Facebook Brand Safety Tools

2020 brings enhanced brand safety competencies for online advertisers, particularly giant social media companies like Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. Effective online advertising is not just about creating quality content and compelling marketing techniques for target audience but brand safety advertising has become an integral part of successful campaigns.

Since the accusation of bogus political ads, Facebook has finally launched the brand safety tools for marketers in order to establish a miscellaneous strategy to deal with the 3 main factors namely:

1. A safe and welcoming community
2. High quality of ecosystem of content, publishers, and ads
3. Proactive collaboration with industry

This new feature works as a filter for whitelisting certain publishers for ad placements by collaborating with digital ad verification companies such as OpenSlateAd Science and Zefr. At the same time, Facebook brand safety control enables the advertisers to whitelist the type of content they appear on.

Brand safety advertising has been one of the basic necessities for advertisers due to the risk of showing their ads on websites, youtube channels, and other unwanted online platforms related to extremist content or adult language. While some companies prefer not to appear on such channels, others might have some flexibility depending on their products or services, value proposition, and other preferences.

Facebook’s new brand safety features now conveniently allows advertisers to block unwanted lists and apply filters at account level instead of campaign level as before, which was quite troublesome for those having hundreds of accounts such as advertising agencies.

On the other hand, Facebook’s political ad policy is still under criticism because of the reason that fake accounts and misleading information is still happening and somewhat unavoidable. After that propaganda, Facebook comes with the solution of brand safety rules, which bring various options for advertisers to choose and filter the content according to their preferences and brand values.

According to CNBC, brands are still spending on ads despite brand safety regulatory and concerns, reason being the benefits of online ads are far more profitable as compared to offline advertisement. Whereas, on the other hand, TV claims to be a more reliable option for brands when it comes to choose between online videos and TV advertisements. So question arises that why bother about brand safety at all?

As we know that, “with big brands come big responsibilities”. For instance, for big brands like Apple and Samsung, any such misfortune to appear on the unwanted sites such as extremism, violence, sex or drugs, will affect the brand’s reputation abruptly and might end up resulting in a loss in share price in stock exchange. To solve such unavoidable circumstances, Facebook’s partners OpenSlate, Zefr, and Integral Ad Science to provide such reliable services.

OpenSlate will provide with over 20 options whereby advertisers are able to select the required list of preferences for video ads including filters and other targetting. Zefr, on the other hand, presents a brand safety partnership, where the company provides contextual targetting for advertisers. Integral Ad Science(IAS), being a Facebook partner, offers the options to create a video list among categories such as adult videos, hate speech, violence and illegal drugs, hence providing pre-screened lists on facebook.

Facebook’s recent brand safety tools, in collaboration with ias brand safety expertise, not just provide an option for e-marketers to have a reliable ecosystem whereby blocking harmful content to be exposed on its sites, having community standards including enforcement reports such as suicide, self-injury and terrorist propagandas on Instagram.

Moreover, maintaining a high-quality ecosystem of content, publishers, and ads to ensure additional controls for in-stream and instant articles on Facebook and Audience Network placements, and all done at the business manager or ads manager level. Hence, Facebook brand safety tools will be able to make online advertising more effective in terms of improved delivery reports, new brand safety partners and testing of Publisher White Lists for Audience network and in-stream ads. Being a JICWEBS IAB UK Gold Standard award, Facebook’s Marketing is a powerful social media marketing platform, which promises to bring higher ROI, better business and a smooth consumer experience for everyone.