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Are you an online business dreaming to be on 1st page of Google? Improve your SEO content creation with these top tips from iClick Media.

SEO has been a hot topic for the past few years which simply focus on ranking high on search engine result pages (SERP) and bring organic traffic to your website. As new e-commerce businesses flooding the internet, digital marketers cannot deny the fact that ranking on first google page has become more competitive than ever before.

In order to increase your ranking on SERP, every content writer must focus on the following SEO best practices:

  1. Appealing Headlines: Ensure you have researched your topic well for the headline, meta description and current industry trends, then discuss with your teammates/boss and start your content creation.

  2. Target Audience: In today’s digital era, every digital marketer must put herself/himself in customers shoes while creating the content. Therefore, after analysing your business goals, you need to have a clear idea of the following:

  • who your buyer personas are
  • what their interests are
  • which keywords they are searching for
  • why are they searching for desired product or services
  • where do they live
  • how you can catch their attention

  1. Reader Friendly: A good blog must catch your readers interest, provide a reader what they are looking for by giving them a simple, straightforward and well-organized answer to their question and show them why should they stay on your page instead of clicking on the back arrow to go to your competitors.

  2. Content Quality: SEO depends largely on the content of your page, if your article has originality, well researched information and latest industry related topics, there is a higher chance of ranking first page of SERP.

  3. how to increase website traffic

  4. Long Tail Keywords: statistics have shown that long tail keywords rank higher as compared to exact matched and short phrasal keywords. Therefore, use keyword tools such as google keyword planner to search for those long tail keywords which are less competitive to increase your chance of high ranking.

  5. Engaging Visual Graphics: As digital media has advanced to AI and VR, our target persona would love to see the colourful and appealing Disney like images on your blogs. Hence, good quality visuals and graphics is a must add to your SEO content.

  6. Link Building: Link building has been proved to be one of the major SEO success factors for past few years. Linking back to your own website and articles as well as to other influencers websites (with their permission of course) will increase your chance of appearing on the 1st Google page.

  7. Be Creative: Creative and informative infographics, display and video clicks along with an embed code to your website and landing pages with originality will increase your SEO score.

  8. Google Friendly: Google author rich snippet have a greater number of click-through-rate than those where Google author has not been mentioned. Google Plus Account gives you the authority to appear in SERP in a form of rich snippet along with your google profile picture which proves your identity and authenticity on the Google 1st page.

  9. Research Latest Data: Legitimate latest analysis of audience demographic, interests and customer behaviour, increase your consumers interest in reading your content and ultimately convince them to click those backlinks you have embeded in your blog. Google Trends is a useful tool to consider while researching latest customer trends.

  10. Social Media: According to a research on Google Trends, people are on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Whatsapp at least 4-5 hours a day. According to a recent study report 2019, in Singapore, there are more than 3 million internet users, 4.8 million Facebook users and 51% of Singaporeans use Instagram, 2.3 million LinkedIn users and more than 4 million YouTube users here. Therefore, updating your posts, blogs and articles on social media regularly is a must for every online marketer.

  11. Website Speed & Quality: According to Google’s Consumer Barometer data, mobile users in Singapore have been increased from 72% to 91% over the past 5 years. Therefore, SEO ranking on SERP is inevitable without fast page loading speed on desktop, tablet and mobile with high-quality website and landing pages.

To summarise, SEO and content creation are the two vital dependent variables of digital marketing equation. Therefore, curation of both require thoughtful creation process to direct traffic to your website for conversions. Feel free to contact us for your online marketing solutions.